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                                  April 18/2015

Well worth the wait. These pups are so well
brought up. They are family members, and beautifully socialized. My 2 pups are settling
in quickly and are joyful bundles of love.

Donna Sicotte


Hi Silke,                                        Dec 9th/2014

Amber Rose causes a stir wherever she goes!
People just love her! (and so do we)


Vet: I wish all my toy dogs were this confident!

Groomer: She is a beautiful little dog!

Trainer: Amber is the bravest 4 lb. Dog I have ever met!
You found a great breeder.

Waiting for 12 weeks was worth it! She is a healthy, friendly, confident, brave, lovable little girl. Silke does such a great
job socializing her pups, offering valuable information, and answering any questions you may have. She loves, and cares
about her babies!
I have already recommended Happy Paws Poodles to several people.


Barb and John McEwen

Calgary, Alberta


                                                                July 4/2014

I bought my puppy from Happy Paws Poodle on Feb 09,
2014. He was the absolute best purchase I have ever made.

Toby which is his original name and his current name, he
is a wonderful red toy poodle. Happy Paws Poodle really
does breed well mannered poodles and they even have some
obedient skills to take to their new home.

Toby brings such happiness to my teenage daughter and to
myself. We feel more like a family. We think about him all
day and rush home to see him after our day of work.

He is very popular in our neighborhood. He is very social
and has a wonderful group of dog friends.

If you want a well cared for, well adjusted, well
mannered and very intelligent dog, purchase your puppy
from Happy Paws Poodle or happypawspoodles.com.

Thanks for our wonderful blessing of Toby

Julianna and Pandy.



                                                            March 30/2014

It was a very positive and delightful experience getting
a puppy from Happy Paws Poodles. They provided lots of
good in...formation and are very thorough and loving with
their care of their puppies. My puppy was very sweet,
smart and of course very cute. I would definitely             recommend them :)

Wendy Pennycook
Fort Smith NT


                                              Nov 21/2013

I have two of Silke's wonderful girls. Sydney is my funny little drama queen that must snuggle with you as much as possible and her half sister Finn is such a little clown I am always laughing. I couldn't be happier with my girls.
I don't know what my life would be like without them. You made my family complete thank you so much.

Janice Herben