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A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves
you more then he loves himself.

           PLEASE NOTE

We can only offer approximate adult weights on puppies.

This Growth chart was created using records from previous puppies on averages. It's to assist you in approximating but is not a size guarantee.

To use the weight chart, find the age of your puppy. Go across to the weight that it is currently weighing, then go down to the bottom and this is the estimated weight as an adult. please remember that this is just an approximation not a guarantee in size.

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Teacup is a name given by breeders to describe an extra small dog, there is no true standard of measure, all are considered by AKC standard as     "Toy". However, most breeders agree that the Toy breaks down into the following three size categories.

TEACUP POODLE...At maturity, 8 inches and under at the shoulder, and 4 pounds or less in weight. The 2 to3 pound teacups are considered by some as Tiny Teacups.

TINY TOY POODLE....At maturity, between 8 and 9 inches at the shoulder, and between just over 4 and up to 6 pounds in weight.

TOY POODLE....At maturity, from just over 6 and up to 10 inches at the shoulder and no more than 10 pounds.

Teacups or Tiny Toy Poodle puppies may or may not grow much between 8 weeks and 12 weeks of age.

It is to hard to determine what the approximate adult size will be until puppies are 10-12 weeks of age, and then it is only a guess! 

This is why some breeders may choose to keep the puppies until 12 weeks of age, so they can give a better approximate size at maturity. Puppies do continue to grow after 12 weeks but to insure a puppy will be a "true" teacup, the puppy should not be over 2 pounds or taller than 6 inches at 12 weeks. Twelve weeks is not to late for bonding to new owners, as Poodles transfer their bonds easily and very quickly!   

STANDARD POODLE......At maturity,
between 15-21 inches at the height point
of schoulder. Average height ranges between
21-27 inch, with females usually being on the
lower end. And between 45-65 lbs in weight.