Happy Paws Poodles








      All Pups are Sold



When the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age,
I will contact each prospective buyer by
email according to their place on the
waiting list. You will have 48 hours to
choose your puppy. You will be able to
come to our home and pick out your puppy
during that time. Pictures will be available
via email for those not able to visit.

Prices will be determined at 8-9 weeks old
based on estimated adult size.

Toys: 7-10 lbs / 10 inches and over

Tiny Toys: 4.5-6.5 lbs / 8-9 inches

Teacups: 3.5-4 lbs / 8 inches

Tiny Teacups: 2-3 lbs / under 8 inches


 "Whoever said you can't buy happiness
       forgot about little puppies."             


Happy Paw's Poodles reserves the right to
keep one of their puppies, which would then
be 1st pick of the litter.
Selection or picks of the litter would follow
after our selection.

Annie & Odie announce the arrival of their Babies....
1 Girl " Mittens" birth weight 6 1/8 oz
1 Boy " Boots"  birth weight 5 1/4 oz
1 Boy " Snowy" birth weight 4 3/4 oz
on December 9th/16.

         All Sold

           few hours old




    Look who's having Babies...

           Maja & Elmo,

     middle of December 2016




      Look who's having Babies...

            Bailey & Odie

      middle of December 2016