Happy Paws Poodles

Money can but a lot of things but it
doesn't wiggle its tail every time you
come in the door

Please read our Waiting List Rules!

If you would like to be placed on
my waiting list...

I ask for a $ 200 Non-refundable              deposit on "expected" future litters.

PayPal accept payment from anyone even
if you don't have an account with them.
Credit cards are an acceptable means of
sending your payment for your new puppy
or adult via PayPal.com

To send a payment to pay for your puppy
in full please email me and request an invoice
for the total balance. To make a deposit to
hold a puppy please use the PayPal button below.
PayPal fee has been added on the "Pay now"


Now accepting e-Transfer

its faster and NO 4% service charge


Waiting list deposit are fully refundable if
we fail to produce the size or gender of
puppy that you want.

Once you choose a puppy, the deposit be
comes part of the purchase price to hold
your puppy until ready to go home with you.

Once I have received your deposit,
I will then add you to the waiting list.There
can be a 4-9 month wait for one of our
puppies, because I don't breed my girls
every heat circle, but we can assure you
that it is well worth the wait.

When the puppies are born, I will contact
each prospective buyer by email according
to their place on the waiting list, and let
you know that I have a puppy for you.

If you require specific condition (not docking
the tail) your puppy must be chosen and paid
in full at birth. Docking is done within 3 days
of birth.

At 6 weeks of age I will send you pictures
of the puppies
according to the size & sex
that you requested for you to pick your puppy.
You have 48 hours to pick your  puppy or you
may make arrangement to come and see the
puppies then, to pick the one you want.

Puppies need to be paid in full by the time
they are 8 weeks of age, including shipping
fee if required. If puppy is not fully paid
for by 8 weeks of age we will assume you
forfeit your puppy and deposit.

Puppies may be paid for at time of pick up
if not being shipped. Cash only please.

Puppies are reserved in the order that
deposits are received.First come first
served basis.

All Puppies will be registered with CKC
(Canadian Kennel Club)

We have the right to refuse a sale to anyone
if we feel that it is not in the best interest of
the puppy or if we feel the home is unsuitable.

to pet shops, brokers or puppy mills.

Each puppy has been vet checked and is in good




   2015/2016 Litters

Annie & Odie: Red Puppies
ready to leave the nest around August 2015

Maja & Odie: Red or Brown Puppies
ready to leave the nest around
August/ Sept 2015

Dora & Max: Red, Brown or Black Puppies
ready to leave the nest around Nov 2015

Louise & Odie: Red Puppies
ready to leave the nest around Dec 2015

Annie & Odie: Red Puppies
ready to leave the nest around March 2016

Maja & Max: Red, Brown or Black Puppies
ready to leave around March 2016

Dora & Max: Red, Brown or Black Puppies
ready to leave the nest around June 2016

Bailey & Max: Red Puppies
dy to leave the nest around Aug 2016

Louise and Odie: Red Puppies
ready to leave the nest around Aug 2016

Happy Paw's Poodles reserves the right
to keep one of their puppies, which would
then be 1st pick of the litter.

Selection or picks of the litter would follow
after our selection.


  Perfection takes Patience!

Choose Your Puppy in order of your Number

 Waiting List for 2015 /2016

Red Girl's:

1.Happy Paws (Tiny Toy Girl Bailey)

1.Melissa Hiscock (Toy Girl)

1.Nathalie Larouche (Tiny Toy Girl from Annie)

2.Vera Requis Cucva (Tiny Toy Girl)

3. Gloria Grenier (Tiny Toy Girl)

4. Cheryl Turley (Tiny Toy Girl)

Red Boy's:

1. Jenda Preap (Tiny Toy Boy)

1.Happy Paws (Teacup Boy from Annie)

2.Carol Fisher (Teacup Boy from Annie)

3.Laura Gordon (Teacup boy from Annie)

Brown/Black Girl's:

1. Gina Jorna ( Brown Toy Girl from Maja)


Brown/Black Boy's: