Happy Paws Poodles



Hi My name is Maggie. I'm a red Tiny Toy
and should be around 5 lbs when I'm all
grown up.
I was born on March 18th/2015 here at
Happy Paw's, my mom is Elina and my
Dad is Odie. They called me Amy first.


               My CKC Registration


     My Mom's Elina's Pedigree


     My Dad's Odie's Pedigree


  you can check out my Mom's Elina's
& my Dad's Odie's Pedigree right here




      her birth weight was 5 5/8oz

       1 day old in this picture


           Maggie 2 weeks old


          Maggie 4 weeks old


          Maggie 7 weeks old 




        Maggie 10 weeks old                  


Maggie 12 weeks old


          Maggie 4 month old

     Maggie's first little Haircut


          Maggie 5 month old