Happy Paws Poodles



     Hi my name is Daisey.
I'm a red bred Toy and should be
around 5-6 lbs outgrown. I was born on
October 12th/2015 here at Happy Paw's.
My Mom is Elina and my Dad is Odie.
They called me Wilma first.


               My CKC Registration


     My Mom's Elina's Pedigree


     My Dad's Odie's Pedigree


  you can check out my Mom's Elina's
& my Dad's Odie's Pedigree right here

    Wilma  "Daisey"  2 days old


           Daisey 2 weeks old



             Daisey 4 week old


           Daisey 6 weeks old


            Daisey 8 weeks old



         Daisey 12 weeks old


         Daisey 4 month old


          Daisey 5 month old


          Dasiey 9 month old