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       The McLeod's


       Silke, Sabrina, Rick


  Updated: March 28/2014

   We can ship into the U.S.

   Sorry, but we do not do stud service,
  its just not worth the risk to our dogs.

We specialize in color-breeding our Poodles
to produce a true red color, our Reds are
deep reds.

I do not breed designer pups, only purebred registered Poodle puppies.



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    Look who had Babies......

       Bailey        &      Odie


   announce the arrival of their Babies...
   2 Girl's and 1 Boy on March 17th/15


        Elina     &     Odie


    announce the arrival of their Babies..
  2 Girl's and 1 Boy on March 18th/15

  This is Elina's last litter, she will go
             into Retirement


Our new Tiny Toy future Mom "Maggie"
She is color bred red, and was born here at
Happy Paw's. 
Her Mom is Elina and her
Dad is Odie

              click on the picture to
       go to Maggie's page and watch her grow up




   Our new Tiny Toy future Mom "Nikita"
           She is color bred red

                   click on the picture to
       go to Nikita's page to watch her grow up





   Specialize in beautiful Dark Red
   and Chocolate Brown  Toy's,
Tiny Toy's & Teacup's Poodles 



    Please don't treat us any different

         than you would royalty ! 




                 WHY A POODLE   

If you want a breed that is beautiful, very
smart, easy to train, clean, non shedding,
non smelly, easy to get along with, a good
house dog, a watchdog and a good retriever,
then the
Poodle is the breed for you.
They have long life spans of 10-15 years
for Standards and 15-20 years for Toys,
Tiny Toys and Teacups. Poodles tend to
usually be very robust till the very end.
The only drawback to the Poodle breed is the regular grooming needed and that they just might be smarter then you.

      Dogs are not our whole life,
     but they make our live whole.



We're glad you stopped by to visit and hope you enjoy your stay. We started our Poodle breeding because we love these little and big Poo's. We are  a small  breeder and staying small also allows them to have the run of the house and not be
kennel babies. All our Puppies are home raised in
a smoke free home and spoiled rotten. This makes for a happy well adjusted puppy. If you have questions please feel free to E-mail or phone us.

Many of our pups are often spoken for
before they are born. If you would like to be
put on our Waiting List, please E-mail us.

 I respond to all E-mail's within 24 hours, so if   you don't hear back from me, please call me as
I probably did not get your E-mail.

We accept payments by Bank Cashier Check,         by Postal Money Order, Money Transfer and
through PayPal.
If you use PayPal for a deposit, I have
added 4% for service charge.

When you pick up your puppy cash only, Please.
If for any reason you can't keep the puppy we
ask to be contacted, we maybe able to help find
a new home for your puppy.

If you would like to be notified by email on
Puppy Birth Announcements
ease email us.



Important Info About Red Color

Red Poodles are a new addition to the Poodle color spectrum, and are still relatively rare. They developed from the Apricot line. The red should be a nice Irish Setter or Mahogany Red. Liver points are acceptable.

I can not guarantee color ! Meaning, dark reds my change as the puppy matures. Sometimes the color will darkened, stays the same or lighten.
Puppies are sold by their color as puppies.
Although these pups will be absolutely
beautiful when they grow up, the color may
not be the exact color as in puppy hood.

Please e-mail us with your comments and
pictures of your new pups and we will be
happy to post them on our website.




Our Adress is:
Eckville Alberta




when you don't get an email back from me in the next 24 hours, please call me. I may not got your email.




If there is no answer when you call us, please
leave a message and we will call you back as
soon as we can. Or you can email us your