Happy Paws Poodle
Happy Paws Poodle

Add a little wiggle to your life!

                                   Everybody needs a best friend!

               My name is Silke and I live with my husband Rick
               on 8 acres out in the country, 25 minutes west of
               Red Deer,
Alberta, Canada. My husband is a Truck Driver for an oil
               company for over 30 years now and I'm lucky
enough to be a stay home


               I have lots of time to spend with the puppies, we are not a Kennel.
              Our Poodles and Puppies have lots of room to run outside and in the
              house, they have their beds in every room, even in our bedroom. We
had Poodles for all of our lives but they were only our Pets
              (not for breeding). I've wanted to breed Poodles for a long time, so
              I started with my dream over 10 years ago. I'm breeding Toys, Tiny Toys

              because we love these little Poo's.
We really fell in love with the Dark Red ones.
              Poodles are known for their plush, non-shedding coats;
              our daughter has Asthma and they don't bother her at all.

              We have :          

              3 dark red Toy female.

              ( Molly, Stella, Lexi )         

              2 Tiny Toy red male

              ( Leo & Gizzmo )

              They all come from a 4-5 Generations of
Reds. AKC & CKC registered.

             I breed for health, quality, and temperament. I'm hands-on from
time our puppies are born until the day they leave the nest. All our
             pups are 
raised with lots of love and socialization and I'm very proud
             that it shows when 
they go to their new families.


                  Don't always keep your Dog on a leash
                  if you want him/her to be attached to you.


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