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            This agreement is made for the benefit and protection of Both
the buyer and the seller, and to guarantee that you receive a healthy
upon purchase as documented by our licensed veterinarian.

              You have 3 days after receiving your puppy to get a well-puppy
check-up by your licensed veterinarian, for the health guarantee, to
              be in effect. Sunday's and Holiday's are not counted because
offices are not usually open for business on these days.

             We realize that 3 days is a short time period, but we prefer that
              the puppy
is checked as soon as possible before families develop a
              strong bonding to their new baby.

               The health of the puppy is warranted against any life-threatening
               illness or death caused by genetic defects (lungs, liver, heart) for
               1 year from the day it comes to you.
               In the event of death a copy of 
the report
               by a licensed veterinarian, at the buyer's expense, needs to be sent to
               us to determine if the puppy will be replaced. If another puppy is available,
               the buyer can choose a replacement puppy.

              A replacement puppy is not a requirement; it is only for the buyer
              to consider. If the buyer chooses a replacement puppy that has a value
              greater than that of the original puppy's purchase price, the buyer is
for the difference in cost.

              Worms & Parasites; including Coccidia and Guardia are common in
              young puppies, Hypoglycemia, which is brought on by a number of reasons
              ( playing too much, not eating properly, the stress of being moved to a
              new home or just being handled
too much) Umbilical Hernias, are common
              in puppies and usually disappear by 6 months of age. Puppies are susceptible
              to pneumonia, colds and other infections due to drafts, cold temperatures,
              etc. Accidents, trauma, injury or mishandling, are all the buyer's

              responsibility and NOT covered by our Health Guarantee.

              I can only estimate the size, collar, and personality of the puppy by
              observing previous litters and the parents characteristic.

              Our guarantee is to the purchaser only and expires if the puppy is
              transferred to another party.



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