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                                     Dear Silke                                           June 13 /2009

                                   Thank you so much for the lovely note ,and for allowing
                               us to visit. We are pleased they liked the toys and we
                               would like you to know that we are very impressed with
                               your poodles. We thought that you looked after them so
                               well and they looked good. You are a very kind person and
                               we are totally looking forward to getting a puppy from you.
                               It was nice to be able to see the mom's and dad's so that
                               a person can decide in advance what they want for sure.
                               We will definitely visit again some day soon. Take care &
                               we will look forward to hearing updates on the poodles .


                              Marge Twa                                                                

                                                                                                              January 24 /2010

                               I decided we wanted a Red Teacup Poodle
                               and looked on the Internet for a Reputable Breeder in our
                               area. We found the Happy Paws Poodles Website and found
                               it was only an hour drive from where we lived. In June 2009,
                               we called and went to visit Silke and see her Poodles. She
                               made us very welcome and has some of the most beautiful
                               dark red Poodles that you can imagine. She has both Teacups
TinyToys. We gave her a deposit for a Teacup a waited for
                               our puppy to be born. In November the puppies were born and
                               on the 24
th of January/2010, we were able to bring our new
                               puppy home. We have a little dark red Teacup boy. If you are
                               looking for a Quality Poodle, make sure that you go and visit
                               Happy Paws Poodles. Silke makes you feel very welcome, sends weekly

                               pictures of your puppy and is more than happy to answer

                               any and all questions you have. Thank you for our new baby boy. 

                               We recommend this breeder, she is not running a kennel,
                               the little poodles run free in the house.

                               Happy owners of a Teacup Poodle

                              Marge Twa                                                                    

                              Dear Silke,                                                                            January 31,2010

                              Working at a University the awareness to be customer service oriented
                              is a crucial part of doing business. I know I carry that value over to my
                              personal life as well. That is why I would like to take the time to share
                              with you my thoughts about the excellent customer service you have provided
                              to me over the last seven (7) months. As I was reading through my past emails,
                              I realized that I first made contact with you back in June 2009, it is hard to
                              believe it is already January 2010. Since that time we exchanged 42 emails all
                              of which were informative, caring, helpful, honest, and you clearly demonstrated
                              your desire to extend great customer service. I appreciate over these months
                              the time you spent with me sending photos and information regarding your
                              breeding program. I have really enjoyed interacting with you. You are a very kind,
                              responsible, and professional breeder and should be very proud of that! You
                              demonstrated this to me by your knowledge, the condition of your sires and dams,
                              puppy care, inquiry regarding your puppy placements, and informative web page.
                              While due to the flight difficulties makes it difficult on the puppy to ship to my
                              home at this time, maybe our paths will cross some day in the near future. I will
                              continue to visit your great website, I find it one of the most informative and fun
                              websites to visit.

                             Thanks again and Warm Regards,

                              Carrie Segal


                              Dear Silke,                                                   June 6th,2010

                              Just a quick note to let you know how Prince is doing. He is
                              a big boy now at 10 months, 5 lbs 3 oz of joy, he is love
                              on four, very short feet and adds such joy to our lives.
                              We looked long and hard for a home breeder, not a kennel,
                              for very specific reasons.We wanted a puppy who was hand
                              raised and socialized to family life, and we got that in spades 
                              with Prince. Our visits to your home impressed us, so clean,
                              the dogs so well groomed and lovely manners. You were
                              definitely the pack leader of your beautiful moms and dads,
                              it showed you had taken the time and patience to train them,
                              and that they responded not out of fear, but love.
                              Our vet is very impressed with Prince, no health issues for
                              such a small dog. Our groomer tells us how well he was
                              handled as a puppy, he is so easy to groom and does not
                              fight or try and get away when he is being trimmed.
                              Everyone who visits our home loves him and offers to babysit 
                              if we ever need anyone.
                              Your continued support and guidance is very appreciated,
                              I know we can always phone or email you with our questions
                              or concerns.
                              We would not hesitate to get another puppy from you, they
                              are top of the line, beautiful well-mannered dogs. Please use
                              us as a reference for your top quality dogs, they are welcome
                              to call us at home.

                              Karran & Sid Steffanyk                                                            

                              Dear Silke                                            January 7,2011
                              Thanks so much for Griffin he rules our house. He is
                              active and funny and most of all loveable. His antics
                              makes us laugh and his presence is as vivid as our 
                              Chocolate Lab. He loves everyone and everything and
                              greets visitors at the door with exuberance and love .
                              His disposition is very easy to get along with in nature
                              and gets along with all the children that come through
                              our home (babies through pre teens).

                              In short we adore him and are so happy he is a member
                              of our family. I have recommended people to view your site
                              after they have met Griffin with the possibilities of them
                              getting one of your pups.

                              Thanks again Silke our experience has been wonderful and
                              we wish you success in your future as you are a true breeder
                              with a heart and conscience.

                             Sandii Easthope                                                                

                                                                                                       February 12,2011

                              Well  we have arrived at home with our second bundle of
                              joy from Happy Paws Poodles. Last year we bought a little
                              male Red Poodle from Happy Paws Poodles, and have had such
                              fun with him, that we went back this year and bought a little
                              female Red poodle from the same parents, as the male. If you
                              want Quality Service & a Quality Dog all at the same time,
                              then look no further than Happy Paws Poodles. Silke’s Adult
                              Poodles are so sociable, and friendly. Their personalities also
                              show up in their pups. You can see they are happy and very
                              attached to Silke. Her home is always so clean, even with all
                              the little poodles running around. She sends weekly pic’s of your
                              new puppy which most Breeders rarely do, and she’s there for
                              support if you have any questions, no matter how old your puppy
                              gets to be. She invites you to visit your puppy after they are 4
                              weeks old, which Breeders seldom let you do, and you can even
                              play with the parents of the puppies. We think she is one of the
                              best Breeders we have dealt with.
Silke we would recommend
                              your pups to anyone. Thank you for 2 Great Bundles of Joy &
                              all of your kindness & Support you give to us.
                              Happy Owner of Two little Red Poodles.

                              Marge Twa with Coco & Niki                                                     

                                   Hi Silke,                                                                    June 14,2011

                              Have you ever wanted a great pet for a friend? A year and
                              a half ago we purchased a beautiful red poodle from Happy Paws
                              Poodles. The service & support we were given was excellent.
                              Silke was very informative about what to do and not to do
                              with our puppy. He even came with a blanket, toys and photo
                              album and booklet on all the do's and don'ts. So if you are
                              thinking about a poodle for company, don't hesitate to give
                              Silke a call at Happy Paws Poodles.

                                   Gary & Carol Strawson                                                       

                              Hi Silke,                                              June 18,2011

                              just a note to let u know how Red is doing

                              What can I tell you about my Red, he is about 5 lbs,

                              he fits in very easy with my other dogs, he was very social

                              and he loves to follow me wherever I go. I would gladly

                                  purchase another puppy from you.

                                  Red loves to cuddle at night, he sleeps by my head.

                              During the day he sleeps with my pugs,

                              he love the extra heat they give him.

                              Red had a very long plane ride,

                              but he arrived with no problems, thanks Silke for my puppy.

                              Jane Matheson                                                      

                              Hi Silke,                                                        June 27,2011

                              "We bought our baby Simon from Happy Paws Poodle last year.

                              We were impressed by Silke's service and support and especially
                              her carefulness about her poodles. She was very helpful and

                              knowledgable and every time when we have questions she will
                              answer them asap.
                              We were so glad we bought our poodle from her. Not only
                              because my baby is healthy and well trained but

                              also because we saw Silke's love to those poodles. So if you
                              want a poodle do not hesitate to give Silke a call.

                              Trust me from Happy Paws Poodles, you will get more than
                              you can expect.


                                  Sumeng (Jasmine) Wang                                                   

                                Hi Silke,                                                              July 3,2011

                              Thank you so much for the pictures. She was so tiny!
                              We love Bonny and she is fitting in very well. Our old Charlotte
                              doesn't seem to mind her so all is well. She is getting to know
                              Dave and is content to be with him but you can tell she is used to
                              a woman and prefers my company to Dave's. But that will change
                              because Dave is taking the dogs to Vancouver Island on Tuesday
                              so I am sure they will bond quite well. The first night went
                              really well- you could hardly tell she was in the bed.
                              It was a pleasure dealing with you- you are so professional- your

                              website is amazing and the folder and goody bag is astounding.
                              I am taking lessons in marketing from looking at what you do.

                              I just retired so my promise was that I was going to get "with it "

                              on the marketing end of my horse business.

                              Your home is beautiful and your poodles are well loved.
                              It was an honor to meet you.

                              Pat and Dave Hyndman                                                             

                              Dear Silke                                                                      July 27, 2011                                                                                                                                                            
                              Thank you so much for Moritz Lil Prince Charming!
                              A little note to let you know how Moritz is doing. He is 4 months old
                              and weighs a little over 2 pounds. Moritz is loving, very friendly, loves
                              to give kisses, be hugged, to be held, follows you around, and sits at
                              your feet. He has spunk and personality! He loves to run and play with
                              his toys, sit at your feet and chew his bones . . . one of his favorite
                              games is playing fetch. His antics make everyone laugh and they
                              comment how cute he is! I decided I wanted a Red Toy Poodle and
                              looked on the internet for a Reputable Breeder in Alberta. I found
                              Happy Paws Poodles. The website is very informative with lots of information
                              and pictures. I phoned Silke . . . she is a very warm, friendly, kind lady to talk to.
                              I felt like I had known her all my life. She answered all my questions and put
                              me at ease. I could tell how she loves all her poodles. I decided Moritz was
                              the puppy for me . . . Silke began emailing weekly pictures of my new puppy along
                              with an update of his weight and how he was doing. Silke was very informative
                              about what to do and not do with my puppy. Moritz came with a care package of
                              goodies, which included: a blanket, a bag full of toys, a photo album of pictures
                              taken weekly . . . from the time he was born up to when I got him, an information
                              booklet of all the do &
don'ts of raising a pup, and a medical record from the vets.
                             Silke, I would recommend your puppies to anyone. You are a very kind, responsible,
knowledgable, and professional breeder. The service and support I was given is
                                  excellent. If anyone is thinking of getting a Poodle . . . give Silke a call at
                              Happy Paws Poodles.
                             Thank you for a loving, bundle of joy. Thank you for all of your kindness and
                              continued support given to us. Happy owner of a Lil Red Poodle.

                              Take Care!


                              Phyllis Povey with Moritz

                                   Hi Silke,                                                   September 9, 2011                                                        

                              I want to thank you from my heart for our beautiful Juliet.
                              You are 
among the best breeders I could cross. As breeder
                              myself, I know a passionate breeder. You gave me an excellent
                              service upon purchase of my little Juliet, you love your dog
                              and this is reflected in the good temperament of your puppy.
                              A week after the arrival of Juliet home, you even called to
                              know about her adaptation, what a great attention. I am so
                              pleased with your breeding skill that I'll adopt a new puppy,
                              red this time around.
                              Nathalie Larouche                                                           
                              Quebec, Montreal                                                            

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