Happy Paws Poodle
Happy Paws Poodle

                              I will take pictures at: 3,5,7,9 weeks

                              Prices will be determined at 7-8 weeks on

                              based on estimated adult size.

                              Toys: 6.5-10 lbs / 10 inches and over


                              Tiny Toys: 4.5-6 lbs / 8-9 inches

                              Teacups: 2-4 lbs / 8 inches and under


                              "Whoever said you can't buy happiness
                              forgot about little puppies."

                              Happy Paw's Poodles reserves the right to
                              keep one of their puppies, which would then
                              be 1st pick of the litter.
                              Selection or picks of the litter would follow
                              after our selection.



                     Puppies will not be priced until they
                             are 6-7 weeks old


                                This time we let my daughter's 5th grade class nominate the names

                                 of Molly's Babies. They came up with very cute Christmas names.

                                 And I will use some more later for Cassie's Babies.


                                                                  Molly's Babies names are...

                                                                  for the Boy  "Jingle"

                                                                  and the Girl  "Bell"



                                 by Sarah








                                 by Dianne






                                 Cassie's Babies names...

                                       Holly & Jolly

                                        by Kandall






















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