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                                    Hi Silke                                                                                                                  April 8/2022

                                    Rhodi and I have had fabulous first two weeks. He is everything I wanted and more.

                                    He is so clam and relexed and yet loves to play. We have beem having much on the floor

                                    play time every day. He has been going with me to the seniors home to visit my 90 year

                                    old mother and he sits with her clam as can be. She just smiles and pets him. He is

                                    sleeping through the night although he gets up around 6:00 which is a little earlier than

                                    I am used to, but that's what puppies do. The potty training is going great... not perfect but

                                   that will come. I just want to thank you... you have bred just the perfect fellow for me.


                                   Donna Hafichuk


                                                                                                                                                                   June 25/2020   


                                   We can't recommend Silke enough! We are so very happy with our new puppy - she is

                                   absolutely beautiful and has such a lovely temperament! She has made a fantastic addition
                                   to our family and everyone who meets her just falls in love. Silke took the time to educate

                                   us and supply so much information, from training to veterinary care. Chloe is such a joy and

                                   we adore her! I wish I could give her more than 5 stars!!!!


                                  Kathleen Ballis Deakin

                                                                                                                                                            November 16/2019                                

                                  We are fortunate to have Happy Paws Poodles in Alberta. I knew that when we visited in the
                                  middle of winter and had to remove our boots outside,  then first greet all of Silke’s own poodles
                                  (fun poodle apocalypse) and use alcohol sanitizer before meeting our pup, who was in a playpen in
                                  the family living room. We have been blessed with Pumpkin (now Fonzi) born last October.  He looks
                                  more like Mom Abby than Dad Leo.  He is our third toy poodle and he is the sweetest friendliest
                                  companion and thanks to Silke and her family the easiest pup to transition into our home. We totally
                                  recommend Happy Paws Poodles (which I do repeatedly to admirers on walking trails, in campgrounds
                                  and when he is acting like he is an official airport greeter).  A big Thanks to the McLeods!


                                 Irene Raye McTavish

                     Hi Silke                                                                      May 29/2019

                     We are extremely happy we found Happy Paws Poodles ! Magnus has been a great
                     addition to our lives. My daughter and I love watching all of her puppies grow up

                     through Silke's regular video posts. The time she put into her dogs socializtion
                     allowed Magnus to integrate quickly into our family. Magnus happy demeanor brings
                     smiles to all his 2 7 4 legged friends. Thanks for being so caring and helpful, we truly
                     love our fur baby.


                     Kim Hennebury

                     Hi Silke,                                                                          June 25/2018
                     I just wanted to thank you so much for my precious little Polly. She has been
                     an absolute joy to have in our home. She is very well behaved, very loving and
                     very well socialized. She has even made some friends. She has quite the big
                     personality for such a tiny dog. I love her silliness.
                     I also want to let others know when choosing a Happy Paws Puppy that Silke
                     gives many great tips and advice for your new puppy. I followed all of her tips and
                     they worked great!
                     Once again thank you so much for my little Polly.
                     Take care

                     Heather Clarke

                                                                                                             June 1/2018

                     We have been so impressed with Silke and the way that she cares for her dogs
                     and new puppies! She is absolutely wonderful with them. We are so blessed with
                     our new addition to our family Teddy. He is a beautiful, well adjusted, healthy,
                     happy puppy! Silke trains the puppies and then educated us on how best to continue
                     training Teddy. She is highly educated on the poodle breed and is always available to
                     answer questions. We highly recommend Happy Paws Poodles!


                     Celia Robertson

                                                                                                                                          Feb 20/2018                  


                     I learned years ago that if you want a specific dog to match your life
                     you choose a breed. I also learned you need to check the breeder.

                     We found Happy Paws Poodles and Silke online and visited her exciting
                     Poodle family thereafter. She loves and babies each dog individually.
                     You can tell from her site she is knowledgeable.

                     She exceeded our expectations in every way so we were excited on the
                     waiting list. We got our Ruby (Betty) before Christmas and she had exceeded
expectation in every way. Smarter than us.

                     The support after is amazing and the caring for all her Happy Paws Poodles
Family is genuine.

                     Silke will help you see if this breed works for you and you will be 100% satisfied.
                     Mabey a little challenged Ruby is smarter than us. LOL


                     Anne-Marie Chaiko

                                                                                                                              Feb 22/2017

                             Silke is highly knowledgeable about the poodle breed and
                             invests considerable time and energy into raising 
                             puppies that are affectionate, playful, smart and sociable.
                             You can tell that she cares deeply for all of the poodles in
                             her care. She has a good relationship with her veterinarian
                             and lets you have the vet's contact information in case you
                             have any questions. The puppy is microchipped and has had
8 week shots and de-worming treatment when picked up.
                             Silke is a responsible breeder because she will ask you
                             questions such as why you want a dog, who will be taking care
                             of it and where it will live. She gives you important and useful
                             information and you can ask her any questions. The website is
                             updated regularly and has a large amount of valuable
                             information on it about poodles and bringing home a puppy.
                             You can visit the puppy at its location. It is very important
                             that you see where the puppy, the litter
mates, and the
                             parents were housed and raised. You get to meet and play
                             with the puppy to make sure it is a good fit for you. Silke
                             encourages you to visit multiple times and you can meet all of
                             her poodles. Silke provides you with all the required
                             documentation such as vet records and Canadian Kennel Club
                             registration. She updates you regularly and provides pictures
                             and videos. I have allergies to some dog breeds and have not
                             had any reactions to my puppy since bringing her home. I would
                             recommend that anyone who wants to get a toy poodle puppy
                             to get one from Happy Paw's Poodles.

you, Silke!                                                                         

                             Samantha Forrest                                                                      

                                                                                                                            July 10/2016

                             My husband and I would like to share the overall experience
                             we had when we purchased a tiny toy poodle from
                             Happy Paws Poodles.

                             In a word – Amazing!

                             We were looking for a new puppy last fall and I came across
                             Happy Paws Poodles website. In the first conversation we had
                             with Silke McLeod she invited us to her home for a visit to see
                             her poodles in person. Arriving
 at her home we were literally
                             welcomed like old
 friends, and introduced to all her well
                             behaved and loving poodles. We were able to meet all her
                             poodles and that was an amazing experience. All of Silke’s
                             poodles are so well behaved and friendly, and with a single
                             word all of her poodles would listen and respond quickly,
                             when told to return to their individual houses.

                            Silke is very dedicated to raising well-adjusted puppies and
                             has very high standards in regards to the care and up keep
                             of her poodles, only the best for them all!

                            Silke goes above and beyond, sharing all aspects we needed
                             in the care of our new puppy. Silke takes the time to show you
                             how to properly hold, and interact with your new puppy. No
                             matter your experience level, Silke will be there to assist you
                             in every detail. Silke has a deep insight into the natural
                             behavior of poodles and is so willing to share every single
                             aspect of their nature with you. Silke explained all her training
                             techniques and methods she uses to help your new puppy
                             interact with all the new sights and sounds in their environment.
                             She is also more than willing to share where she sources many
                             of her products, so that her customers can save money
                             wherever possible.

                             When our puppy was born, Silke took the time and stayed in
                             touch with us weekly about his eating, health, and weight issues.
                            Silke sent us numerous pictures as well as posting videos on
                             her Facebook page and her website. As the weeks went by,
                             and as Silke meticulously introduced different sights, sounds,

                             textures, and experiences to our puppy, she took the time to
                             share all this information with us. By the time that he came
                             home with us he was already very well socialized with humans
                             and other dogs, was running through tunnels (something our older
                             dog would never do!), climbing up small baby stairs, and going
                             down a baby slide. This very young puppy was already very
                             sound in both mind and body, and with Silke’s care was off to
                             a great start in life. In all of our years in introducing new pups
                             to our homes, my husband and I have never seen such dedication
                             go into starting a young puppy off the right way. I cannot
                             emphasize how important this is for a young pup – and in this

                             area Silke is a Superstar!

                             Silke opened up her home to us and we were invited to come
                             visit our puppy as often as we could come, once his first set
                             of shots was completed. It was such an excellent opportunity,
                             as when it was time to pick up our new puppy there was
                             absolutely no separation anxiety at all. Our new puppy was so
                             happy to see us, and bringing him home had no negative effect
                             on him in any which way. We were already best of friends!

                             While we were invited to her home; she had us remove our
                             shoes outside, she explained that it was so that no external
                             germs would be introduced to her home which is where all her
                             poodles are raised. All of her poodles share and live right in
                             her home with her family. That's why we have a very hard
                             time referring to Silke as a breeder as all her puppies are part
                             of her
family; and that’s why when you bring a puppy home it's
                             a super easy transition. Silke explained the schedule she had
                             with him, so we continued it after he came home and he easily
                             adjusted to our routine.

                             What was very impressive about Silke is her commitment to you
                             as a new pet owner, willing to share all available information and
                             aid in all aspects of taking care of your new family member.
                             Silke sent home with us a super informative package that covers
                             all aspects of owning a new puppy, as well as some extra toys,
                             bone, blanket, etc.

                             When our puppy came home after being raised in that

                             environment for 10 weeks, he was totally kennel trained,
                             pee pad trained, and he was sleeping through the night.
                             We were not expecting that at all. Since coming home now
                             for a few weeks, he gets along wonderful with our older dog,
                             and is absolutely a dream puppy. My husband and I have been
                             raising and living with dogs our entire lives, combined that’s
a 100 years of experience and neither of us have ever
                             seen a puppy of this age sleep through the first few nights at
                             a new home without so much as a peep. This is all due to the
                             level of dedication that Silke and her family have with 
                             poodles. At our age this may turn out to be the last dog we
                             own, and if that turns out to be the case we will have most
                             definitely saved the best for the last!


                             Thank you so much, Silke, Rick, and Sabrina!                           

                              Ida and Neil Wegner                                                              

                                                                                                                            Feb 27/2016

                             We have been so pleased with our precious little Ruby.
                             We knew right away from my first phone congestion with
                             Silke that our future pup was coming from an excellent home/breeder. 

                             Silke is beyond fantastic.

                             Silke goes above and beyond the call of breeder duty! She
                             is absolutely wonderful and always spending time replying to
                             any of her client's questions in a very timely manner. It is
                             so clear that every one of Silke's puppies 
are so important
                             to her. She has spent so much time
 taking with us and giving
                             us helpful advice, months before and months after we picked
                             up our Ruby, that she makes you think you are her only client.
                             This was our first
puppy therefore we have had so many
                             questions and she has always taken the time to make sure we
                             are all okay. Silke clearly wants what's best for all of her
                             puppies all of the time.

                             Ruby has been a dream puppy. Potty training was a bit of a
                             new challenge for me as I had no idea what I was doing, but
                             once I put a plan together, Ruby was a dream. She has the
                             sweetest temperament, and is such a loving, snuggly little girl.
                             She is nothing but loveable and our three kids cannot imagine
                             life without her anymore.

                             We have no immediate plans to add another fur baby to our
                             home (though you never know) but if that should ever feel right,
                             we will 100% return to Silke for another perfect toy poodle.

                             I will be recommending Silke to all of my friends forever!

you, Silke, for all you do.                                                           


                             Chilvers Family                                                                                  

                                                                                                                           February 12/2016

                             OMGeeeeeeee I've had poodles before but the puppy we
                             got from Happy Paws is easily the best! She is a teacup
                             and we got... Her just over a month ago. She is now
                             4 months old and is totally healthy, happy, and such a
                             sweet heart! Has NEVER cried when we crate her at night.
                             She's already fully paper trained (and hasn't had an
                             accident in 2 weeks). I believe the socialization factor with
                             dogs of all ages early in her life has made her so smart and
                             confident. Happy Paws has been there to answer any new
                             mom questions I had (my other poodles were rescues and
                             a bit older). We have gotten great suggestions for the
                             transition into a new home and keeping our sweetie healthy
                             and happy. Kapis
colour is stunning too...even our vet
                             comments how brave and sweet she is. If 
you are looking for
                             a new puppy and want them raised their first few month
                             within a family atmosphere I would HIGHLY recommend
                             Happy Paws!
 Lol my only hesitation in doing so is that it
                             may take us longer to get 
a second one.

                             Tatjana & Ivan                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                    April 18/2015

                             Well worth the wait. These pups are so well
                             brought up. They are family 

                             and beautifully socialized. My 2 pups are settling
                             in quickly and are joyful bundles of love.

                  Donna Sicotte                               

                             Hi Silke,                                                                                    Dec 9th/2014

                             Amber Rose causes a stir wherever she goes!
                             People just love her! (and so do we)


                             Vet: I wish all my toy dogs were this confident!

                             Groomer: She is a beautiful little dog!

                             Trainer: Amber is the bravest 4 lb.
The dog I have ever met!
                             You found a great breeder.

                             Waiting for 12 weeks was worth it! She is a healthy, friendly,

                             confident, brave, lovable little girl. Silke does such a great
                             job socializing her pups, offering valuable information,

                             and answering any questions you may have. She loves, and cares
                             about her babies!
                             I have already recommended Happy Paws Poodles to several people.


                             Barb and John McEwen                                                                  
                             Calgary, Alberta                                                            

                                                                                                                             July 4/2014

                             I bought my puppy from Happy Paws Poodle on Feb 09,
                             2014. He was the absolute best purchase I have ever made.

                             Toby which is his original name and his current name, he
                             is a wonderful red toy poodle. Happy Paws Poodle really
                             does breed 
well-mannered poodles and they even have some
                             obedient skills to take to their new home.

                             Toby brings such happiness to my teenage daughter and to
                             myself. We feel more like a family. We think about him all
                             day and rush home to see him after our day of work.

                             He is very popular in our neighborhood. He is very social
                             and has a wonderful group of dog friends.

                             If you want a well cared for, well adjusted, well
                             mannered and very intelligent dog, purchase your puppy
                             from Happy Paws Poodle or happypawspoodles.com.

                             Thanks for our wonderful blessing of Toby

                             Julianna and Pandy.                                                             

                             Lethbridge, AB                                                                    

                                                                                                                              March 30/2014

                             It was a very positive and delightful experience getting
                             a puppy from Happy Paws Poodles. They provided lots of
                             good in...formation and are very thorough and loving with
                             their care of their puppies. My puppy was very sweet,
                             smart and of course very cute. I would definitely recommend them :)

                             Wendy Pennycook                                                               
                             Fort Smith NT                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                 Nov 21/2013

                             I have two of Silke's wonderful girls. Sydney is my funny little drama

                             queen that must snuggle with you as much as possible and her half

                             sister Finn is such a little clown I am always laughing. I couldn't be

                             happier with my girls. I don't know what my life would be like without them.

                             You made my family complete thank you so much.

                             Janice Herben                                                                                       

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