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                                                                                                                          January 12/2012

                              I recently purchased a female puppy for Silke after finding her web
                              site and discovered her beautiful poodles....I picked Jesse up and she
                              showed me all her
dogs not just the parents. They were healthy, happy
                              and very social....When I got her home I took her to the vet for a check-up,
                              and my vet told me that this was one of the nicest poodles he had seen in a
                              very long time and of course very healthy.We just love her and she rules the
                              house, I will be getting another one from Silke as she is a true breeder with
                              heart and soul of quality poodles........I drove 1900 km to pick her up and was
                              worth every km......Thank
you Silke.

                              Christine Erfle.

                                                                                                                   January 19/2012

                              In summer of
2011 my family decided that we wanted to purchase a toy poodle.
                              We went to visit Silke and her poodles soon after and immediately fell in love
                              with them. Over the next few months, we were kept updated on her poodles

                              and the upcoming litter. Silke answered all of our questions in a friendly and

                              timely manner. She was very helpful for us since I am a first time dog owner.

                              When Alvin was born, we decided that we had to have him. Silke sent us pictures

                              of him every week as well as updates on how he was doing. The time finally came
                              to bring him home. We were very happy to find that he was already used to sleeping
                              in a crate and that he was very good at using his pee pads, this made training him
                              much easier for us. Silke is also the type of breeder who is concerned about her
                              puppies even after they have left her home. She likes to know updates on him,
                              which we think is very responsible. Alvin is also extremely intelligent and surprised
                              us in many ways. The only drawback with Silke's poodles is that they just might
                              be smarter than you! We would definitely recommend Silke to anyone! She is a
                              reputable breeder and is very kind and helpful.
you Silke for all that you've done!

                   Tanja Costa

                                                                                                                     March 10/2012

                                  Silkie I never in my life thought I would have a poodle until I
                              got a chance to adopt a 6yr. old apricot male from a lady my
                              husband worked with. At the time they were moving overseas
                              and I
was working fulltime. thougtht he would be housetrained
                              and abletoo stay alone several hrs. It didnt take long before
                              my husband and I fell in love with Jasper. I retired in June of
                              2011 and always talked about getting another dog (I love the
                              little guys). We saw an ad for Happy Paws poodles. When we
                              went to the puppies we realized they are not just an income to
                              Silkie. She actually loves these little guys and thinks of them
                              as part of her family until they go to their new homes. Harley
                              is a wonderful new edition to our family. I would highly
                              recommend adopting a new puppy from Happy Paws Poodles.
                              Thank you so much Silkie for our new baby. I would really
                              appreciate it if you would send me a picture of his mom and
                              dad, Louise and Elvis, to add to his baby album. Thank you.

                                  Shelley Perrin (Harleyès Mom - formerly Simba)

                                                                                                                        July 12/2012

                              Rebekka was born Oct 17/2011. She is a happy and very
                              active little girl, rather a Tomboy. My husband says she is
                              "Elvis" on steroids. Elvis is her dad & Bailey is her momma.
                              Rebekka is full of energy and walks 4 walks per day amounting
                              to 5 to 6 miles plus the playing she does with our other dog
                              Joey. Although Rebekka is much smaller she isn't happy
                              she wins all the matches. We introduced Rebakka to Doggles
                              which she wears outside in the bright sunlight. She frightened
                              at first but wears them well now. Many People take pictures of
                              them. They are very surprised they will wear the Doggles. She
                              plays wildly with the many toys that Silke gave her. Silke & Rick
                              did a great job raising her. Our vet in Medicine Hat said she
                              could tell the breeder was "Top Notch". Rebekka is happy and
                              friendly, giving a multitude of kisses. We feel Silke went all
                              out in keeping us well informed on all stages of her development
                              and she wanted the best for us in carrying for her. We are
                              really pleased with every aspect of our choice of Happy Paws
Rebekks is a joy to have and we are really proud of
                              her and her deep red color. She eats like a logger, most likely
                              from all her exercise.

you Silke & Rick

                              Garry & Doreen Taylor

                              Hi Silke,                                                                           August 10/2012

                              Just wanted to let you know that Rosie is the little princess
                              of the house, she is so adorable, She has really taken to
                              my husband Steve, he takes her out into the back yard
                              and throws a ball for her, which she loves until she finds a
                              pine cone or a leaf. One of her many favorite things to do
                              is rake all the water out of her bowl and get soaking wet,
                              you should see how funny she looks. We are so blessed to
                              have such a beautiful little puppy, She brings so much joy
                              into our lives, thank you so much, I will keep in touch and
                              send you more Pictures as she grows.

                              The Fisher family

                                                                                                                        October 1,2012

                              In April 2012 we were looking at getting a poodle to join our
                              family. We found Silke’s web site and found out that some pups
                              were just born. Went to visit Silke and her pups she showed
                              us the parents to all the pups, and all the other dogs she had.
                              She had 3 males and we fell in love with all of them.We had
                              to decide on one so we picked Boomer. Silke kept us informed
                              on Boomer with
pictures and his weight. Then we found out
                              the there was 1 male left. It was
 Boomer's brother Romeo,
                              so we wanted him to. So in
 July we were able to take our puppies
                              home Boomer and we renamed Romeo to Rusty. They are healthy,
                              full of energy and we 
our loving every minute with our new family.
                              Could you please send us a picture of Boomers & Rusty’s mom & dad?
                              We will keep sending pictures as they grow.
                             Thanks Silke for everything.


                                  Vicky & Glenn Budney

                               Liebe Silke,                                                                      October 5,2012

                              Ich habe bei dir die kleine süße "June" gekauft und bin so
                              glücklich und zufrieden mit der Kleinen. Sie ist ein ganz
                              toller hübscher kerngesunder Pudel. Du bist für mich eine

                              ganz tolle,nette ,verantwortungsbewußte,seriöse Züchterin.
                              Da kann man nur "Lob" aussprechen.
                              Mach weiter so und man kann nur Gutes von dir sagen.
                              Deine kleine Rasselbande (Pudelchen) sind alle sehr schön,
                              man sieht auch wie viel Liebe und Gefühl du in deine
                              Zucht steckst.
                              Ich bin so zufrieden, daß ich mir schon den nächsten süßen
                              kleinen Teacuppudel bei dir bestellt habe.
                              Alles Gute und weiterhin viel Erfolg in deiner Zucht

                              wünscht dir Ilona aus Deutschland

                              Dear Silke
                              I purchased from you the little sweet "June" and I'm so
                              happy and satisfied with the little one. She is a very
retty, perfectly healthy Poodle. You are for me a really
reat, nice, responsible, serious breeder. I can only praise
                              you. Keep it up and they can say only good things about you.
                              Your little Poodles are very nice, you can also see how much
                              love and emotion you're putting into your breeding. I'm so
                              pleased that I've already ordered a next sweet little
                              Teacup Poodle from you. I wish you all the best and
                              continued success in your breeding

                              Ilona from Germany

                              Dear Silke,                                                                          March9/2013

                              We take the time to thank you for the time you have
                              given us before and during the adoption of our puppy.
                              Your professionalism reassured us throughout this process.
                              Air transportation has been very well and without incident,
                              everything was done very carefully despite the fact that
                              the first flight has been postponed. Given the distance that
                              separates us, we enjoyed having photos and videos of our
                              little protégé, and his siblings, it has enabled us to live an
                              extra ordinary adventure. Your website and your Facebook
has allowed us to see the evolution of our little Eddy.
                              Eddy has been with us for three weeks now. It is well
                              suited to our family, he 
appreciate us and we greatly
                              appreciate him too. The whole family is in love with him
                              and his pretty little face. We are really happy to have
                              adopted our puppy at Happy Paws Poodle. Eddy is playful
                              and affectionate. He's so cute. We enjoyed the experience,
                              and we are thinking about the possibility to adopt a toy
                             female toy in 2014, again with you. Will contact you when
                              our mind will be set. Thanks for all you’ve done for us,

                              Pierre et Stéphanie From Quebec, Happy owner of Eddy

                              Dear Silke,                                                                          March 20/13

                              Below is a letter for you that can be put on your reference page. It has
                              been an absolute pleasure dealing with you over the past several months.
                              You are 
excellent business women, as you are always willing to answer

                              questions and provide information in a timely manner. It is clear that you
                              possess genuine care for your poodles, which was very important to us when
                              choosing a breeder. We greatly appreciated the weekly updates that we received
                              from you regarding our puppy's development. Your litters are well socialized
                              and cared for. As a result, we got a wonderful addition to our family. I will

                              highly recommend you to others.

                              Thank you, Meagan

                                                                                                                                      April 3/13

                              Silke is very patient and loving to her puppies and her clients.
                              Her puppies are really healthy. It was a great experience to
                              work with Silke.


                              Dear Silke,                                                                            April 23/13

                              As my parents have a Toy poodle, so I also decided to own one. After

                              searching online, I found Happy Paws Poodles, the website shown many
                              pictures and lots of information. Timon’s pictures attracted me 
                              on website. Then I emailed to Silke and got a prompt reply. Silke is a very
                              friendly and nice lady, answered my entire questions, offered me a lot useful
                              information about breeding poodle and shown me weekly pictures of Timon.
                              She did a great help for me because my family will go to Cuba for travel,
                              so she kindly offered to take care of Timon two more weeks. We are very
                              grateful for her.

                              When we arrived at Happy Paws Poodles to pick up Timon, we
                              are very surprised with how organized and beautiful the house is.
                              Puppies have their own cage, playground, and toys. And all of
                              the puppies are
very well training and friendly. We could deeply felt
                              Silke love all the puppies a lot. She is a very responsible breeder.

                              After we took Timon go home, Silke gave us a call for asking of
                              Timon’s adaptation. Till now we keep in touch by email Silke
                              always gave me useful suggestion about everything about Timon,
                              including vaccination, grooming, and food ect.

                              By the way the Deer Antler Dog Chew we brought in Happy Paws
                              Poodles is very nice chew for Timon. He loves it and chews it
                              every day. It is clean, order-free, and I think it could last at
                              least several months.

                              Thanks a lot for all of your kindness and continued support
                              to us. We are very lucky to own Timon, and really enjoy
                              every happy moment with him.

                              All the best

                              Michelle and Thomas

                                  Silke,                                                                                           Nov 19/2013

                              Reiko is 5 months old now and doing very well. He is so
fun, and has such a personality. We could just watch
                              and play with him for hours as he is really entertaining.
                              We love his temperament. He was clipped recently and the
                              groomer said that he is a doll to cut.
                              Reiko is quite the popular puppy and many know him by name
                              whether we are on our walks or in the dog park...everyone

                              loves him no matter where we go. I thank you for socializing him
                              very well which gave him a solid foundation on which we could build.
                              We are very happy with our little monkey. Neal and I always say we

                              are extremely lucky to have him. It's so important to find a great

                              breeder and I must say you fit the bill. Thank you.

                              ~Sonya and Neal

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