Happy Paws Poodle
Happy Paws Poodle

                             Money can buy a lot of things but it
                             doesn't wiggle its tail every time you
                             come in the door.

                             Please read our Waiting List Rules!

                             If you would like to be placed on
                             my waiting list...

                           Before you send a deposit,
                           please contact me first,
                           per email or Phone call.


                             I ask for a $ 200 Non-refundable
                             holding fee that will be applied towards
                             the purchase price once paid in full.

                           Now accepting e-Transfer

                              For e-Transfer, please use this email

                                  We accept cash only for payment

                             Once you choose a puppy, the holding fee be
                             comes part of the purchase price to hold
                             your puppy until ready to go home with you.

                             Once I have received your holding fee,
                             I will then add you to the waiting list.There
                             can be a 4-9 month wait for one of our
                             puppies, because I don't breed my girls
                             every heat circle, but we can assure you
                             that it is well worth the wait.

                             I will contact each prospective buyer when
                             puppies are 6 weeks old by email or phone
                             call according to their place on the
                             waiting list, and let you know that I have
                             a puppy for you.
                             You have 48 hours after contact to confirm
                             that you are still interested in purchasing the
                             puppy we have for you. If you have not
                             contacted me within the 48 hours, to let me
                             know that you are still interested, you will
                             forfeit your deposit.

                             Puppies need to be paid in full by the time
                             they are 8 weeks of age, including shipping
                             fee if required. If puppy is not fully paid
                             for by 8 weeks of
age, we will assume you
                             forfeit your puppy and holding fee.

                             Puppies may be paid for at the time of pick up
                             if not being shipped. Cash
only please.

                             Puppies are reserved in the order that

                             deposits are received.First come first
                             served basis.

                             All Puppies will be registered with CKC
                             (Canadian Kennel Club)

                             We have the right to refuse a sale to anyone
                             if we feel that it is not in the best interest of
                             the puppy or if we feel the home is unsuitable.

                             There will be ABSOLUTELY NO SALES
                             to pet shops, brokers or puppy mills.

                             Each puppy has been vet checked and is in good

                             A dog is not a 'thing'.
                             A 'thing' is replaceable; a dog is not.
                             A 'thing' doesn't have a heart.

                             A dog's heart is bigger than any'thing'
                             you can ever own.

                             I breed for the health, quality, and
                             temperament. I am hands on from the
                             time our puppies are born, until the day
                             they leave the nest. All our pups are
                             raised with lots of love and socialization
                             and I am very proud that it shows when
                             they go to their new families.

                             Happy Paw's Poodles reserves the right
                             to keep one of their puppies, which would
                             then be 1st pick of the litter.
                             Selection or picks of the litter would follow
                             after our selection.

                           Perfection takes Patience!





                            List for 2021/22



                                    Melanie C.(Toy or Boy)                                                                                                                              

                                    Patricia H.(Toy)                                   


                                    Bibi K.(Toy)


                                    Anna M.(Toy)


                                    Kyla U. (Tiny Toy/Toy)


                                   Jeri M. (Tiny Toy)






                          List for 2021/22


                             Karran S.(Toy)


                                      Meghan R.(Toy)


                                      Elizabeth B. (Toy)

                                      Donna H. (Toy)


                                      Tracy C. (Toy)                                                                

                                      Kathleen W. (Toy)


                                     Rita R.(Tiny Toy/Toy)







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